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Little Known Health Cures


  • You develop a nasty hangnail - Dip your finger in salted water. It can reduce the swelling.
  • You are about to nod off in a meeting - Breathe in deeply through your mouth. It does the same thing as yawning--sends oxygen to the brain--without risking dirty looks from your boss.
  • You bit the inside of your cheek or have a canker sore - Drink a cup of cooled raspberry-leaf tea, holding each gulp in your mouth for a minute. Do this two or more times later in the day. Raspberry helps close an open cut.
  • Your lips are cracked - Dab a little butter, margarine or olive oil on them for a few minutes as  moisturizer, then wipe off.
  • You have heartburn - Sit still with your back very straight for a few minutes. It will keep the burn from getting worse and ease the pain.


Occasional submitted info compiled from various sources from Ensky, Enjoy!